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Before I move on with talking about our trip to Luxembourg I wanted to say thank you so much to everyone who l eft a comment about Evie’s sleeping problems. I read every single one and Chris and I had a big discussion about how we were going to move forward. The first night I actually dragged her entire mattress, duvet, sheets and all into our bedroom and had her go to bed there. Chris commented and I agree, that the point wasn’t to make her super comfortable and excited to be in our room ha! That was sort of counterproductive. The next day I talked to Finn about whether or not he still wanted a room of his own or if he wanted to stay sharing with Sawyer. He expressed that he would love his own room. When I talked to Sawyer about how he would feel about sharing a room with Evie for the next little bit instead of Sawyer he said he didn’t care at all as long as someone was with him (he is a bit of a tender heart and scares easily). We made the switch and Evie went to bed no problem. She did however come in again sometime in the night though neither of us remember at all when. Anyway we are still working on finding the perfect solution for us but I am so grateful for the suggestions and comments about going through the same thing. If nothing else it is nice to know we aren’t the only ones dealing with this. Thank you!

 A few weekends ago Chris and I were lucky enough to sneak away to Luxembourg for the weekend to celebrate his birthday. Chris inherited awesome “planning” genes from his Dad so unless there is something I REALLLLLY want to do as a surprise I let him take the reigns for almost all our trips, they always end up better that way. I picked him up from work and we drove the three hours to our hotel. I had no idea where we were staying and when we arrived in the tiny town of Schengen I thought “oh man we are staying in some random tiny hotel”. That was not the case. Instead he had booked into the  Chateau De Schengen. It was incredible! I audibly gasped when we pulled into the “garden”.

Its location simply couldn’t be better.

When we woke up nice and late in the morning (oh my goodness I forgot how nice it is to wake up when you are ready not when someone screams at the top of their lungs for you ha!) we ate the quick light breakfast provided and headed out first to explore the city proper. I have only heard good things about Luxembourg but none of them prepared me for how absolutely gorgeous this little place is!

After driving around and getting a feel for it we decided to park at the square with a little farmers market going on.

We drooled over the fresh produce and joked about the size of the cheese wheels.

We then ventured out to take in some of the amazing architecture and beautiful statue art.

It is hands down one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been in! That was just the down town. We hadn’t even gone to the castles yet. But that is for the next post!




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    Oooh, I’m so jealous of you going to Germany! I have a multitude of German friends I am dying to visit, not to mention the castles!! I can’t wait for your next post :) x

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    Jesica says

    what an absolutely charming locale! It is beautiful, like a fairy tale for us Americans. Thanks for sharing, and I’m glad that the sleep situation is working out. I too have a son and daughter that chose to share for awhile, funnily enough, my #1 and #3 kids as well. #2 and #4 are much more independent! Cheers! =)

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    JJ says

    The trip looks like so much fun. FYI for some of the other readers Luxembourg is an independent country and not part of Germany. Their official languages are Luxembourgish, French and German and the country is right in between Germany, France, and Belgium.

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