{personal} An Entire Post About A Cafe

This is totally NOT a sponsored post though as I wrote it I thought oh man they are totally going to think I got a free meal out of this or something. Nope, it was just that good ha!

I know you are thinking, SERIOUSLY an entire post dedicated to one little cafe? Oh friends, it is not just any cafe, it is the most wonderful cafe I have ever been too. You know what made it even more magical? We happened upon it completely seredinpitously. On our way to the castles we believed we were about to miss a turn we needed so we veered sharply to the right, our tires totally slide out and I am not going to lie, for a moment I thought, oh my gosh our darling children are going to be orphans, it was that scary. So much so that we pulled into a parking lot to relax and let the adrenaline drain. It was the parking lot to Cafe Waldhoff. I was smitten the moment I saw it.

At first I was a but bummed that it was FREEZING cold because their out door seating was made from large rustic beams, nestled amongst various plants and shrubs. I bet during the spring it is a dream to kick back and relax there. Then we went inside and the site I was met with wiped away any desire to sit outside. First I have to tell you that I am allllllways cold. Whether it be poor circulation or  California blood still beating through my heart, I am always wishing I could cuddle up with a blanket in front of a fire. Well if you come here, you can do exactly that as you devour their amazing food…. written on chalk board menu’s none the less.

There I sat snuggling in my blanket with my personal fire going next to the table thinking I never want to leave this place.

Then they brought the warm bread, butter and massive lunch.

I think between the amount of times I said “Oh my gosh this is good!” and taking pictures the owner had to have thought I was nuts. But I figure it was a compliment right? I seriously dragged my feet when we were leaving, thinking about the cold air that would smack me the minute I opened the door. But we had castles and ruins to see so off we went! If you ever find yourself in or driving through Luxembourg do yourself a favor and eat at Waldhoff Cafe. Aw man now I am all hungry again ha!



PS We are headed to Scotland this weekend. Any suggestions of fun things to do with four kiddos in toe?

Also if you want to follow our wanderings in real time follow us on instagram @sewinginnomansland

PPS I spent the weekend here:

any guesses as to where I went?


  1. 1

    Sheree says

    somewhere in Italy? I miss Europe!! My husband is British & we lived near London for a few years and travelled lots. Now we are as far away as you can get in my homeland of New Zealand! loving reading your posts from Europe! Now – Scotland… I assume you’re going to Edinburgh? The Castle is great – take the tour, but I didn’t have kids when we went so any further than that, I don’t know sorry! Although I imagine all the cobbles will be a pain with a buggy!! I’m sure you’ll have fun! Wrap up warm!

  2. 6

    Caroline says

    I love when you find amazing places by accident. Similar thing happened to my husband and I when we were on Martha’s Vineyard together. The restaurant/cafe was called State Road and I had a fried green tomato BLT. It was the best sandwich I have ever had in my life! Enjoy all your travels.

  3. 7

    ira lee says

    i would be head over heels about such a cool place too! plus- everything is so much classier and fancy and just freakin cool bc its in paris!!!!! im so glad youre crazy enough to document little places like this!

  4. 8


    My husband (the architect) must have been peeking over my shoulder…”Hey! She’s at the Duomo! We should have bought more scarves when we were there. I don’t think she bought that scarf there… Wait, Who is that?” LOL He’s right though we should have bought more scarves ;D

    Anyway, I can’t wait to see pictures from your trip. I’ve been to Florence twice, and there is definitely no shortage of gorgeous views! Did you get the chance to climb the teeny tiny “suck it in” stairs through the dome?

  5. 9

    Stephanie J says

    I am so Jealous of your amazing travels. SO awesome. I Love Scotland. it depends what you want to do. If your kids love Brave you should go up near Aberdeen and see the ruined castle Dunnottar castle. It is what they used for the inspiration for the castle on Brave. one of my favorite places. the western Highlands are beautiful. Lake Lomand is amazing. must eat fish and chips of course and should have a fired mars bar if you want to say you had one. I keep going on. But I hope that helps

  6. 10

    Rocio says

    Florence indeed! I was there when I was 4 months pregnant and it was the best trip! We actually went to Paris, Florence & Rome. Brings back so many great memories!

  7. 11

    Jayme C says

    Scotland! Although its pretty chili this time of year there are quite a few castle ruins scattered across the countryside that would actually give the kiddos a great place to run and stretch their legs.

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