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I thought it might be nice to break up the traveling posts and talk a little bit about one of my passions, children’s fashion. It is what prompted me to start sewing AND doing photography in the first place. I knew when were assigned to Paris this would be taken to an entirely new level and I couldn’t have been more right. Everywhere I go I am constantly gawking at the Parisian children’s coats, shoes, scarves etc. I have said countless times that I am going to start a Satoralist for children…. though they probably already have that ha! I thought it would be fun every now and then to share outfits the kiddos wear that have been purchased here in France and in my humble opinion are more along the lines of what the average Parisian child wears. Today, I actually had fully intended on it being all about Chloe. I sometimes feel Evie dominates this blog because the boys are at school all day, Chloe still takes two lengthy naps so it is me and E a lot of the time. This doesn’t mean I am not crazy about Chloe, Sawyer and Finn, or think them less photogenic in anyway,  just that when I have time with them I usually try not to force them into taking pictures for me ha! But don’t you worry there will be PLENTY of what the boys are wearing posts because oh boy do the little boys here dress dapper! Anyway, Chloe was all dolled up and ready to go when nap time hit and hit hard. With leaving for Scotland in the  morning I knew this afternoon I would have no time soooo Evie it is ha! I had set up my studio equipment to make sure it still functioned after the shipment. Unfortunatly after all teh effort the battery on my pocket wizard was dead. Gahhhh. This was not going well. So, these are all natural light in Evie’s room.

Floral Shoes & Wool Shorts: Monprix  Tights: Zara  Sweater: H&M   Shirt: Petite Bateau Bow: Made by me tutorial HERE

It is sale season right now so that means I got the shoes for a steal of a deal! Evie was rather reluctant to do pictures until I mentioned her favorite candy: Bueno‘s that did the trick ha!

I am a huge fan of wool shorts and tights. I think it is because I can’t wear them but would LOVE to be able to. Plus it gives me hope and reminds me that at some point winter will end. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoyed the style inspiration.


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    So cute. Buy as many shoes as you can in the soldes they are sooo expensive the rest of the year! My little girl is rocking her Monoprix shorts and tights combo too. It is my favourite French look, but I wouldn’t dare wear it myself either 😉

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    I was just thinking about you today Kelly and I miss your sewing posts – but your photography – WOW! You have been rocking it on your blog with your photo shoots the past few months!!!

    Evie is getting so big! Such a gorgeous little lady.

    And I am with you on the whole shorts and tights thing :)

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    Becky says

    I so look forward to seeing upcoming clothing posts. Why do you think Parsian children are so much more dapper than American dress? I do try to style my kids but I really struggle to buy higher quality more stylish items because they outgrow them so quickly or the price just feels to high for something that is so disposable based on their age and sizing.

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    Aimee says

    So stylish. Your little girl is so beautiful.
    I am always envious of kids clothes and failings and what they can wear as opposed to adults.
    I loved your travel posts too, I’m very jealous!

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    Those are such adorable shoes! I also love the shorts/tights combo, but you’re right. It looks so much better on the munchkins than it ever would on me!

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    Jaime says

    Hi! I’ve been reading your sweet blog for a long time but this is the first time I’ve commented. YES, PLEASE do a French childrens’ Sartorialist!! I absolutely adore French childrens’ clothing and would love to see more. Have you sewed with any of the Citronelle patterns? They are a serious indulgence of mine but I usually pay more for the shipping from France than for the actual patterns themselves!

    Thanks for all of the hard work you put into your blog. It is such a joy to read!

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