{personal} Let it snow

We had a few big storms here in Paris while we were in Scotland. The amount of snow that fell is fairly unheard of in Paris and of course schools and businesses were closed. I had been dying for some snow to fall so I could go take some pictures of the city covered in white. Luckily we were able to make it home (a lot of flights were cancelled0 and even enjoyed some gorgeous flurries ourselves today. Our flight left Scotland at 7am, with 7 of us traveling on an airline that does not assign seats means we get to the airport extremely early. By the time I got home I didn’t know if I could get myself all bundled up to head out but luckily I had some friends give me the push I needed and a very patient hubby who waited in a warm car while I snapped away.

This city is magic with out the blanket of white, with it, simply stunning. Hope you are somewhere warm and beautiful!




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    It was worth venturing out. I love that second shot. We had even more snow out in the suburbs, my girls have been paying outside for three days straight.

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