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Christopher found some cheap (I mean cheeeeeeaaaaapppp) tickets from Paris to Edinburgh so we decided to take the family up for the weekend. Part of Christopher’s family is from Scotland and it is a place he has always wanted to go so we were pretty excited. The kids were positively thrilled that the hotel had a pool and kept talking about Scot-Land and the monster (I may or may not have told them about Loch Ness in an effort to talk Chris into going up to find it– and effort which failed dismally). We were excited to meet up with some of our Law school “mates” who were now studying in Edinburgh. Kate, works for the Museum of Edinburgh (follow link for more info) and highly suggested we take the kids, bonus it is free! She was absolutely right this museum was amazing for the kids!

(Nice pose for Evie right? She seriously refused to take a none silly picture this particular day. It cracked me up) 

Not only is it gorgeous, I could shoot a million sessions right in the atrium,

it is incredibly interactive for the kids. They were allowed touch, pull, hold and stand on so many things.
We did not spend enough time here. That is probably the one and only regret I have about our trip. But we can always go back right? Also as a side note, we did end up buying the rumble board (apparently my made up name for it) for our stroller and it is a HUGE hit with the kids. In moments of desperation (which they are more often then I care to admit) we can actually squeeze all four cuties “into” the stroller now.

Poor Sawyer was sick for the entirety of the trip, wee lamb
PS If you are wondering where Chloe was the entire time she was sleeping away like a champ! Which made the experience even more enjoyable, no chasing ha!


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    Lyndsay says

    The museum has just had a fantastic renovation and if fabulous for kids (and grown ups!) if you’re in Edinburgh again, there is so much to do – the museum of childhood in the Royal Mile is a museum full of old toys, camera obscura also on the Royal Mile is amazing, the Castle is great and there are other castles in various states of ruin within an hours travel of the city (great for little boys who want to be knights). If you can make it in August, the festivals are not to be missed, comedy,drama, musicals, ballet, opera, you name it, it’s in Edinburgh. It really is a fabulous city.

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    Jamie says

    We have the same stroller, and I didn’t know a rumble board for it existed until I read your post. I would love to buy one for this summer! What is it called? Thanks!

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      admin says

      Jamie it is actually called a “glider board” and we bought ours from Amazon :) I would highly recommend it if you have more cuties then stroller space. The kids think it is so much fun. Thanks!

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    Ooo yes, Edinburgh. Isn’t it the most beautiful city?! We lived there for 3 years while my husband did his PhD, and were just back last month with our kids.

    In 4 days, we went to the Edinburgh Museum 3 times. It was freezing outside, and you couldn’t beat that big beautiful space for the kids to run around in. And yes, the atrium! One of the times we were there a photographer had brought a bride and groom in and were taking them around for different shots. I’d love to see those photos.

    Glad you enjoyed it!

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