{personal} Valentines Cards 2013

**UPDATE** Sawyer was not the hugest fan of the amount of pink on the previous card so we made a compromise ie. he got his way, and we went with the chalk board template that came in the same packet. Much more masculine I suppose.

We are getting all geared up for Valentines at the Crawford household! The boys are making their kleenex box mail boxes at school and I made sure to get the “good” valentine candy while in Belgium last week. Unfortunately for Finn I still have about 50 of his valentine cards from last year so they will be repeated this year, eh hem i’maslacker. Thankfully he hasn’t changed barely at all so I think I can sneak it ha! Sawyer on the other hand needed a new card. I finally convinced him to let me take some pictures by letting him know that if we didn’t order them soon he wouldn’t have anything to hand out with his candy on valentines. He gave me the five minutes I needed and we got the shot. (The left is the front the right the back)

Finn didn’t want to miss out of on the fun so he tagged along and stood behind me making faces and highly inappropriate noises, cracking Sawyer up in the process. I finally said “Sawyer! Would you just look at me with your eyes open!” Which produced the shot below.

I do have to say he is a bit of a cutie! Also if you are into children’s fashion according this Vogue Bambini Blazers for boys is a HUGE trend this spring, you know just fyi in case you want to torture your child like it appeared I was torturing Sawyer making him wear his for five minutes outside church ha!

If you are looking for a fun last minute template I found mine at Oh Snap Boutique where I find most of my favorite templates, Sawyer’s can be found HERE. Evie is handing out her very own personal book marks in the same pattern which can be found HERE.



Sawyers Outfit: Blazer, Zara. Sweater, shirt & boots, H&M. Jeans, GAP


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    Tristen says

    Hi, these are gorgeous! I’m curious how you get them printed, can you explain where you send them? Does shutterfly let you do your own customizable cards?
    Thanks in advance!

    • 3

      admin says

      I print through WHCP. This are amazing! They come in this awesome linen finish and with envelopes! Plus the shipping is free and super fast…. I sound like a commercial for them but they are seriously the best!

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