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So, I am about to get a little real here. While I love the amazing adventures our life affords us, seeing the world, exploring new cultures, representing the US abroad on and on and on BUT it does require some sacrifices. Since I never want to whine I will simply mention one, being away from people who reallllllly know you and love you anyway. Don’t get me wrong, we were very lucky in East TImor to make some amazing friends, but no matter where you go it takes a while. Unfortunately we are only in a place for a short time so it seems like as soon as you have finally established an awesome friendship you are both off and moving to another country on opposite sides of the world. Thank goodness for social media I am telling you! It can be some what of a lonely existence though. I feel like there is a pattern to every post. First I burry myself in unpacking so I don’t focus on the fact that nothing and no body is familiar. Once that is done I head out and explore the neighborhood. Then it is attending all the playgroups, embassy and church activities I can to meet people and make some friends. Since being here in France this process has been stretched out because we added in a month straight of weekend trips. Thats why I was extremely grateful that two of my girlfriends came into town. I was getting pretty desperate for some quality friend conversation.

Dasha and Emily are foreign services wives as well (one in Bulgaria one in Sri Lanka). It was so nice to talk and talk and talk as we walked through Paris. I loved being able to talk to someone who totally understands my concerns about how moving so often will effect my kiddos, dealing with wealthy families at international schools, having a hubby with a stressful yet incredible job. There is just something so important about having a good friend and I am very grateful I was able to spend a week with two of mine. We were lucky enough to sneak away to Ireland  for a few days and stayed with my family in Cork.

We kissed the Blarney stone, danced gangum style around a manor house and drove for hours (manual on the opposite side of the road mind you) laughing almost constantly. After a few stressful months it was a much needed respite. We decided that it absolutely needs to happen more often. I am very grateful for the good friends I have made (and still have) all over the world. With Valentines coming up I hope you get to spend it with someone you love, friend or otherwise!



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    Oh I remember this tree. I climbed it last year on a trip to Ireland. Brings up such nice memories.

    Are you planning on seeing Germany?

    You have a wonderful blog and such a beautiful family.


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    Charlotte E says

    Beautiful pictures to capture beautiful friendships! The Gangnam style one really made me chuckle.

    I moved from the UK to Oz to be with my husband and although I now have a life over here and some good friends I still really miss those back “home” who I grew up with and created so many fond memories with. If only someone would hurry up and invent that Magic Carpet so I could visit for the day and then fly back to cook dinner for the family.

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    Hi Kelly – I’ve read your blog religiously for a few years now but never commented. So hi. :)
    My husband and I are currently looking at a position in the Falkland Islands…we are from Australia. We couldn’t get further from home, but have always been really keen to take on an ex-pat role (looking at some in Asia mainly to be that little bit closer to home). Hearing how you live a life abroad convinces me I could love it, but it’s also good to hear of the not so great moments. Thank you. We don’t have children (yet) so I worry about having my first baby possibly away from home (and my mum!)
    We’re not sure where our future lies yet, there’s a lot of research, prayer and thought ahead of us that’s for sure. In the meantime I’ll keep reading your adventures!
    Emma x

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    Hi Kelly, I’ve not posted a comment before but have been following your blog since you where in East Timor.
    Your post today have me in tears, see we have just moved to a new remote teacher posting. I am 3000km away from my bestest friends in the whole world, not to mention my Mum and eldest son who stayed to complete University.
    Today your post made me realise how much I miss my friends, the giggles, the jokes and the fun we had………
    I know its going to take time, I know that there are likely other great friends to find here but I still miss my old friends so much……..
    Thank you for reminding me to cherish my friends and let them know how much I miss them…….LOVE your blog, Love your photography. I dream of being as great at taking photo’s as you are one day ;o)))

    Off to post messages on Facebook to let my friends know I love them (((hugs)))

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    It looks like you had a great time with your friends! I just moved away from home to go to uni, leaving my friends and family behind me, and my boyfriend has been unable to get work here yet, so we are doing this terrible long-distance, only seeing each other on weekends thing. I’m here completely by myself all week and am yet to make any friends here, as uni hasn’t started yet and I was in a car crash on my first day here, so no longer have a car. It’s a lonely existance for the time being, but hopefully some new friendships will be made soon! Thank you for the reminder to cherish old freinds and keep those friendships alive while I am in pursuit of new ones! I love reading your blog, and that is possibly not just because of the adventures you have, but because of how ‘real’ your posts are. Thank you for giving us all an insight to your life, and helping us feel less alone in our problems! xxx

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    Emily says

    BEST. TRIP. EVER. I have not laughed so hard in such a long time.
    I love looking at these pictures, it was awesome how much we were able to see and do, and how awesome it was to be with you both. You ladies are my kindred spirits.

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    I’m not going to lie, this post and all your fun instagrams made me SUPER JEALOUS! I want in! I am SO glad you had fun and got good girl time in. It’s SO important. These pictures are BEAUTIFUL! I miss you KELLY! xoxo

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    Oh, Kelly! Love looking at all the pictures! Still recovering from the trip, meaning that I wish I could turn the time back and do it all over again. Emily and you are such amazing friends and I am so happy to have you both in my life! Miss you! And pleas, come visit me this spring. :)

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    Jill W says

    Oooh! I love that tree – it brings back great memories of my former home in Cork and taking photos in the same tree :-). I’m living in France too but your post brought back fond memories of friends back home…Thanks!!

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    kim says

    Lovely post! We move around a lot, too- not across countries, just cross country, but still. It’s glad to know we’re not alone! Gorgeous pictures. And so good to have girl time!!

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