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I have always been acutely aware of how lucky I am to have married Chris. He often mentions casually to new friends that I was the one who asked him out first in high school and then while on said date not only asked him in person for a future date but also sneakily had my sister arrange some items at his home asking him to an upcoming dance…. so I am not that great at the whole hard to get thing apparently. He did however ask me to marry him (I am not that desperate ha) and it has been an incredible almost 11 years. Usually for Valentines we go out to lunch on any given day BEFORE valentines. That way we can enjoy a quiet and much more affordable celebration, plus we are big lunch people. Last year we both agreed that we wouldn’t do anything big since we were going to be in Paris this year and would obviously do something amazing. Well of course Chris in his usually style planned an incredible night, with the main event being dinner on the Eiffel Tower.  (I snapped this as I was literally RUNNING down the stairs to make it on time, I am excited to go back this spring and take some proper pictures)

I had a crazy day before the date and hadn’t even thought about what I was going to wear. Then was sort of panicked when I went to get ready and had a few moments of “Oh my gosh I do not like a single item of clothing I own” and momentarily thought about running to the mall to find something. But there was no time and of course I had a dress that was fine. Of course I was all flustered and only got pictures with my phone (which I often refer to as my camera, cracking chris up).

Nothing quite says love like the Eiffel Tower…. and a shot up our noses ha! We were lucky enough to get a table on the second story of the restaurant looking out over the Seine and on to Trocadero. It was so fun seeing the constant glitter of camera flashes and then even better when the tower started to sparkle as it does the first ten minutes of every hour. (Because it wasn’t magical enough before right?) We didn’t go to the top this time because we had just a few days ago when the girls were in town. Though I did have to include the pic Dasha got of us kissing on the top… because well, it’s Valentines!

Now I feel like I should go watch Sleepless In Seattle or something ha! I hope you have an incredible Valentines day filled with lots of love!



PS. The Eiffel Tower restaurant is already completely booked for Valentines for the next several years!!! Isn’t that insane?


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