{personal} Saying Farewell to Samantha

We had to say a sad goodbye to our Au Pair Samantha this last Friday. Samantha has been with us for six months and has practically become part of our family. We are going to miss her so much but are very excited for her to start serving her mission for our church in Phoenix AZ!!! We decided their was no better way to spend her last evening (and Valentines day) then at the Eiffel Tower.

It only lasted a few minutes, and the the mud happened….

I think my favorites of the day though were the “after shoot candids” I got of Finn and Evie. These two. They are like fire and ice. When they play great it is amazing, I just wish it was more often ha!

We are so grateful for the six months we had with Samantha and what a blessing she was to our family. We really don’t know how we will survive with out her…. and may be looking for a replacement , but more on that later.




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