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Holidays are always really fun in the Foreign Service. Mainly because Chris receives both local AND American holidays off, whoot whoot (up to a certain limited number but still we will take it ha!) We never know if the kiddos school holidays are going to line up and often we find ourselves with the kids in school and Daddy off. This was the case on Monday for Presidents day. We actually had concocted a grand plan where we would get up super early and be at Disneyland Paris at 8am when it opened to season pass holders. We thought we would walk right on a bunch of rides then once the crowds came we would already be done and on our way! The kids were pretty excited as well and were all for going to bed a bit early so we could but up and gone before the sun was up. Unfortunately last week was international week at the boys school so their teachers postponed their Valentines celebration until yesterday. I hadn’t mentioned it to the boys. I had asked a friend to take their valentines in and their teachers to set aside the ones they received and we would pick them up later. When I was preparing the valentines to take down to the friend Finn came out rubbing his eyes asking one question or another and stopped dead in his tracks when he saw his valentines. “What are you doing with my valentines mom?” ” Getting them ready for Sarah to take to school for you since we are doing Disney tomorrow” “I don’t want to go to Disneyland. I want to go to school” SERIOUSLY?!?!?! “Finn, I already talked to your teacher and she is getting all your valentines for you” Whimper whimper “But I want to go to school for the party” What do you say to that? Chris and I looked at each other and shrugged. So our plans were amended a bit. The boys headed off to school and we got a later start, but with just the “princesses” in toe. It actually turned out pretty awesome (Except I totally forgot a coat for myself1 How many times have you done that as a mom? Everyone else has their bagillion of items they need and you forget about what you need ha!). We were able to focus only on the cute gentle rides that the girls love and the boys whine about.

 Usually Chloe is nuts about the tea cups but between juggling the camera and snuggling Evie we couldn’t get it going very fast. Chris and I blamed the wheel not turning very well on the cold… not our weak arms ha!

Chloe’s absolute favorite is Its A Small World. For some reason no one got in the far line so we practically walked on. I literally looked around several times thinking we were breaking some rule or cutting people, but nope people just didn’t notice it was there.

Then it was over to the carousel. I had forgotten that Evie is actually TERRIFIED of riding on carousel horses… just horses. She will ride the motorcycle and airplanes etc. at our neighborhood carousel but literally screamed and flailed as I tried to put her on a horse. But can you blame her? They are kinda creepy when you really look at them.

So she and Chris went to chill on an “exciting” bench. Of course then Chloe got all upset so we ended up joining them. Along with a little girl with a broken arm, who I am thinking the benches are actually made for :)

We got in line for Dumbo twice but just couldn’t make ourselves wait the 50 minutes, when every other ride you could almost walk on. I kept thinking about Jim Gaffigan joking that after standing in line for an hour for Dumbo he realized HE was the Dumbo ha! The second time we were ready to leave and had to trade Evie two oreos to get out of line. A price I was more then willing to pay. What will I do when I can’t barter with oreos? We were in and out in less then two hours. The girls positively ZONKED that afternoon and after a rushed noisy morning I sat quietly soaking up some sun on our deck. We ended the evening with a BBQ with some friends, thanks to the Marines who let us borrow their grill. Apparently it is illegal to have an open Flame in Paris but they reminded me that we live on the Embassy owned compound so we don’t live in Paris we live in America. Which brought me right back to “no mans land”. What a crazy existence!

Hope your Presidents day was fantastic!




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    Looks like a lovely day. Mondays are the best at Disneyland Paris – I just went last week with my girls when we had a random day off school. It was raining so the lines were even shorter. So funny that your boys wanted to go to school instead although my girls did once choose a trip to the Louvre instead of Disneyland!!

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