12.21.1312 Skirts of Christmas// Shwin & Shwin

Today is the 10th day of 12 Skirts of Christmas and we have the amazingly talented Shauna from tje dynamic duo of Shwin & Shwin.
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Shauna is a talented pattern maker and the driving force behind the super successful Shwin Designs. 
I love their patterns because of their great versatility.
Lucilleshop1 Part of the reason I love sewing is to do my own thing and give clothing my own twist. I feel like with the patterns from Shwin Designs I have room to do that PLUS the added ease of sewing with a pattern.

Plus how ridiculously adorable are her cuties? And there are lots of boy patterns, something I think the sewing world needs big time. Today she is sharing a GORGEOUS holiday skirt. I have a personal weakness for the fabric she chose as I used it previously for my bustled up dress. I must admit though that it is a lot cuter in mini size :)

 I am beyond thrilled to be part of the 12 days of skirts again. Why? Because I love skirts! They are so easy to make and a great project for a beginner since you are literally wrapping some fabric around yourself and calling it good right? Skirts are fun and flirty and so cute on little girls.

For Penny celebrating her first “real Christmas” I say real since last year she was 4 whole days old and slept through the whole thing, I made her a very simple basic skirt. You could follow this tutorial (with free pattern)  I made basically the same skirt only it’s not reversible and the skirt part is more full. I also added a big bow just for fun.

I like to make baby skirts a little long, and they start by wearing them up super high (like arm pits) then as they grow taller I just move it down until its at the waist this way they get almost 2 years wear out of one skirt.

I used silk taffeta for the skirt and I love how full and fancy it looks while still being easy for a baby to wear.  Simple skirts are sometimes the best skirts.

Thanks Kelly for having me as part of the 12 days of skirts! I love seeing all the lovely skirts!

Thank you so much Shauna! Penny is just darling and the skirt is fantastic! I love the added fullness! Hop on over toe Shwin & Shwin for more tutorials and inspiration or if you need some last minute gifts for family and friends who sew and aren’t close buy a digital pattern from Shwin Designs would be a perfect gift!

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