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Today I am positively giddy to have Disney from Ruffles and Stuff! Alright, I have been going back and forth about whether or not I should say this but I am just going to go ahead and do it. Disney is my absolutely favorite blogger. There I said it.
Don’t get me wrong I love so many ladies in this creative blogging world but Disney is just the absolute cream of the crop. I don’t know if there is an unkind bone this this cute women’s body.
She is a fabulous mother to her drop dead darling daughter (say that ten times fast) Paige AND is currently a foster momma to two, count them two baby boys. I have no idea how she has time to blog at all let alone pump out the stellar quality posts she does.
I firmly believe that hers is a God given talent and I am so glad she is willing to share it with us! Here she is today sharing an adorable skirt with the cutest pictures. Enjoy!
Hey, guys! So good to see you over here at Kelly’s. I just love, love her so much, what a sweet, elegant, beautiful and talented lady. And it doesn’t hurt my opinion of her that her gorgeous parisian pictures pepper my Instagram feed like sprinkles on a cupcake. ;o) I’m really honored to be here as part of 12 Skirts of Christmas! Skirts are my absolute favorite thing to make: quick, simple, feminine! Perfect for my quick and simple attention span.
The skirts I made for this post are as easy as they come. I have been meaning for a while to try out a simple skirt (I used my “Garden Veggies” skirt tutorial minus the fabric painting) with a wide elastic and heavy-weight decorator’s fabric. The result is a modern winter-weather skirt that is cute and cozy! And for a younger girl (like Paige, size 6) you need less than half a yard, so you can afford to make lots of them. Be careful, though, wearing them may bring on sudden urges to put up wallpaper or reposition furniture. ;o)

Thank you so much for having me over to share, Kelly! Have a lovely day, everyone!

Thank you Disney! I mean seriously couldn’t you just eat Paige up? I LOVE the pattern mixing of the polka dots and the plaid! Pretty sure Chloe and Evie need this skirt STAT! I am SURE you already do but if you don’t already follow Disney hop on over to Ruffles and Stuff and be amazed at all the talent stuffed into one blog!

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