12.24.1312 Skirts of Christmas// Me!

Today is the last day of 12 Skirts of Christmas! Hasn’t it been fun? So many great skirts! I didn’t want to ask anyone to share on Christmas Eve because honestly who is on their computer on Christmas Eve? Just didn’t feel right. But I also wanted to follow the schedule so today it is my turn to share!


I knew I wanted to make something with lace since I have TONS of it on hand and it feels wintery and christmasy. I also wanted it to be comfy since Evie has decided she will no longer wear clothes that aren’t comfy.


This skirt is ridiculous in its simplicity and really anyone who knows how to sew could whip this up with out a tutorial but I thought I would share one anyway.



2013-12-23_0005After things calm down after the new year I am totally making both girls this same skirt but with gobs of tulle. This was the original outfit I had planned but like I said Evie has developed quite the opinion and you gotta do whatcha gotta do to get pictures right?



All you need is a small length of soft waistband elastic, some stretchy lace (amount depends on size of cutie and desired length) and an old shirt or a small amount of coordinating jersey fabric.


I cut the top off the shirt at the waist originally but ended up taking even more length off later. Be sure to take it off the top so you have a nice pre hemmed bottom to work with.


Next I took my length of lace and folded it right sides together and sewed up the side to create a tube.


If you use a shirt it is already a tube, if not repeat this step with the length of jersey fabric you have.  At this point you should have what looks like this (the lace is slide over the jersey):

2013-12-23_0013 Fold the elastic band in half and stitch along edge. Be sure to leave a good sized chunk otherwise it is more likely to come apart.


Now comes the slightly tricky part. You are going to have to stretch the elastic as you sew so that it gathers the fabric when it is released. This is usually not the tricky but this time you will need to sandwich the material on either side. Be sure to to put the right side of your outside fabric matched up to the wrong side of your lining fabric. That way you have no visible seams when you turn everything right side out. Once you have things sandwiched you may want to pin the two fabrics (NOT including the elastic) together all the way around just below where you will stitch to help you keep everything together as you are trying to sew and stretch at the same time. This is where a third hand would be awesome ha!



I wanted my lace to hang down a bit but you can make it even if you prefer. I didn’t have to hem mine since it was stretch lace (whoot whoot for easy sewing!). When you turn everything right side out it should have a nice finished waist line.

2013-12-23_0017 So crazy easy right?

And it gets the comfy skirt stamp of approval!

2013-12-23_0007 Well that is it for 12 Skirts of Christmas!


Thank you for following along! We will have a wrap up party soon with a review of all the skirts. Until then out family wishes you a Merry Christmas!




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