Put A Scarf On It: Camera Strap


I have been needing a new camera strap for a while. My sequin one from Camera Strap Week was starting to loose sequins at an alarming rate ha! I still wanted something feminine (sadly for my hubby who sometimes wears the camera) but also wanted it soft this time, those sequins are scratchy. I have loved the scarf camera straps I have seen all over pintrest and decided to whip one up quickly using the most gorgeous leather scraps on the ends. I only had the little scrap below and it was such gorgeous soft platinum leather. I seriously want a couch or office chair upholstered in which ever leather this is… but a camera strap will do. This literally takes minutes to make. All you need is an old (or new, cute, cheap forever 21 scarf in my case), a small scrap of leather, two lengths of strong webbing. For detailed sewing and cutting instructions hop onto my first camera strap tutorial HERE and scroll about half way down, the basics can be seen below.



Be sure to find the middle of your scarf and put it around your neck to find the perfect length before cutting.

2014-04-11_0019 2014-04-11_0020 2014-04-11_0021


I really love how soft and comfy this scarf strap is! And the blue is perfect for spring and summer! Happy picture taking!





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