Get Cuffed!


I never finished sharing all my fun leather projects and I just HAD to share this one because it takes hardly ANY sewing (and no sewing machine) and just a tiny strip of leather. Perfect for little remnants from other projects. It is also apparently one size fits all because Chloe has since taken over ownership and it fits her fine as well. The leather was given to me by the Leather Hide store. This particular color is my fav and is called Gold Rush.


All you need to do is download the free pattern HERE. Cut out your three pieces using sharp scissors.


Cut two little slits where marked.


Slide your rectangle tab through the two slits.


Line up the little square tab at the end of your “arrow” piece with the two tabs that stick out, the two tabs should lay on TOP of the arrow piece. (the leather should be wrong sides together)

2014-04-11_0009  Stitch through all three layers several times.



Thats it! Easy peasy right? And now for a bunch of pictures of Chloe, for which I have no excuse other then I absolutely adore her.

2014-04-10_0002 2014-04-10_0003 2014-04-10_0004 2014-04-10_0005

 Come back Wednesday for the last Leather tutorial and then a super fun give away!


  1. 4

    KaMarlowete says

    Your kids are so charming. If you ever get to NM, I reserve to right to play with them and cuddle the wee ones. 😉 In a non-creepy-because-we-don’t-even-know-each-other-way.

  2. 5


    I’ve been loving leather lately!! I’ve been wanting to make my baby boy some moccs, and also a leather camera strap for my Dad’s birthday in August. Fingers crossed :)

  3. 6

    Jenny park says

    Cute! Also where did you get (or did you make) their Lacey dresses? My sister in law is getting married this August and wants dresses just like that for the flower girls. Thanks!


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