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10.23.13{decor} Ikea Hack Lamp

I have been working like a crazy lady on making our apt feel more like “our” apt the last few months. It is a real challenge when you move into a place that is furnished by someone else (read: middleaged-government-working-male-who-I-am-sure-is-very -nice -but -I- would- never -want -decorating- my- apt). They are furnished in an effort to save the government mola. Instead of shipping our stuff all over the globe every few years we just move in with some sheets and pictures. We have to find little ways to add some spice with out spending to much money and adding weight to our stringent weight limit. Well this week I finally finished Chloe and Evie’s room! The final touch was a much needed lamp on their little dresser (which is STUFFED full of dress ups). I didn’t want a boring old lamp but their room already has enough going on with out adding something obnoxious and attention grabbing. Ikea has beautiful clear glass lamps right now in various sizes. I went with the mid size (and at first bought a comically small lamp shade, fat lamp in a little shade ha!) and I LOVE it. All it took was some washi tape, some painters tape and some gold spray paint.

Can I just say it is down right impossible to get a picture of a glass lamp like this with out icky shadows. I tried everything ha! Oh well thus is life right. Now if you look close you can see how ridiculous I look when I take pictures! If you would like a super spunky lamp for yourself or your cuties room here is how I did it:

After buying your lamp from Ikea take your washi tape and create a pattern of triangles along the bottom of your lamp. I made mine in various sizes. I didn’t want it to look too even and mainly I didn’t want to have to measure anything. While you are taping be sure to tape up the beginning of your chord so it doesn’t get painted. Unless you want it too, rock that cords world with some paint if you feel so inclined.

Once you have created your triangles go back over the edges pressing firmly to make sure no paint will eek through. Now grab your large painters tape and tape over the rest of the base of your lamp being sure to overlap well with your washi tape. I tape all the way up the neck of mine. You do NOT need to do this, it was a pretty big waste of tape in my humble opinion. But you know, efficiency and all. Again once you have taped it all go back over and press firmly so it is all sealed up.

Now take it outside and spray a nice even coat. I only did one coat. The reason being I don’t like to let paint completely dry when tape is involved. I always end up taking up some of the tape with me if it dries all the way.

Carefully peel up your tape. I made sure to lift the tape with the exposed edge first. And if you are wondering why in the world the light bulb is on it is because last time I stepped on a light bulb while doing a light project. Yeah. Ouch. Not repeating THAT mistake.

I decided to go hog wild and also spray paint my lamp shade… and a toy giraffe. Apparently I wanted to get my moneys worth out of that bottle of spray paint. Success.

Put your lamp all back together and take it to its new home.

Stand back and enjoy your lamp with attitude.

The dresser it is sitting on is also from Ikea. The corner brackets were ordered online from Lowes but the pulls are from Ikea as well. The girls have pretty much destroyed the paint job on this dresser over the past few months. Who knew barbie feet were so brutal?


09.12.13{decor/sew} Anthropologie Tassel Pillow Knock Off Tutorial

So um, long time no see! I hope your summer was amazing! Ours went by way to fast. But I am excited to be able to start sewing and creating again! We have slowly been working on making our apartment here in Paris reflect our personalities more. We want to of course save where we can and throw pillows are ALWAYS one of the areas I try to cut corners. Pillows are just so gosh darn expensive and so easy to make. When I came across Anthropologies tassel pillow (found HERE)  I really really wanted it but if I am going to spend almost 100 dollars at Anthro it is going to be for a dress, not a pillow ha! I thought it would be easy enough to knock off and it TOTALLY is.

All you need is:

White velvet fabric (or if you are like me you buy a white velvet pillow from Ikea) cut into the size square of your choosing (mine was 26X26 square)

Embroidery thread or yarn (depending on the look you are going for) in similar colors to that of the anthro pillow. I went with yarn because I wanted it to be cheap and I could get a lot more for way less but if you want it to be just like the anthro go with embroidery thread or buy cheap pre-made tassels and skip the whole thing :)

A small piece of rectangular card board

Scissors, pins, sewing machine etc.

First I sat down and made four tassels in each of the colors. I followed the fantastic tutorial below via Martha Stewart found HERE.

It goes really fast and soon  you should have a whole pile of tassels to work with.

Mine are not perfectly equal but close enough that you wouldn’t tell a difference from a distance.

Once you have them all, grab your two pieces of velvet fabric and lay them right sides together. Take your tassels and line them up along the pillow at an even distance from each other.

Once you have them lined up you will want to sandwich them in between the two layers of fabric and pin them in place. Depending on how much you want your tassels to “dangle” pull the excess away from the edge of the pillow.

Once you have pinned them in place stitch along the edge. I personally used a zipper foot so I could get right up next to the tassel. I also did one side at a time because I used a prefabricated pillow. If I had made the pillow from scratch I absolutely would have pinned them all at once and sewn all the way around at once. Since the pillow I used had a zipper I made sure to place the tassels in between the zipper and the piping.

If you did not use a zipper be sure to leave a small opening so that you can flip the pillow right side out. Once you have sewn around the pillow go a head and flip it right side out being sure to pull the corners out well.

I went around and pulled slightly on each of the tassels to help them lay nicely and to make sure they were well attached.
Grab your stuffing and stuff away! I like my pillows to be a bit floppy but you can firm it up if you want it to be more of a floor pillow as well. Hand stitch the opening closed. Your done! Mine i hanging out on our couch in the living room and it makes me pretty happy every time I look at it.

The wall is a much deeper blue in person (I have a dickens of a time photographing that wall) and the pillow really lightens things up.

So grab some yarn and a little cardboard, throw on a movie and wined away!



09.01.13{sew} Waverize It! Anniversary Challenge.

I was thrilled when Joann‘s asked me to participate in their celebration of 90 years of Waverly fabrics! Holy cow! 90 years?!?! They are having a super fun contest with great prizes with Waverize It!. You can read all about it and enter HERE. Bummers for us bloggers we cannot enter. BUT we did get to receive two yards of surprise Waverely fabric and were asked to “waverize” something we use every day with it. I actually knew right away what I was going to do, I was going to spruce up my super lame and dreary Ikea computer chair. I sit in this chair I would say for a good hour every day and it just did not match the rest of my  little workspace. I was lucky and received some fabric I thought blended quiet nicely.

The project itself took mayyyyybbbe an hour. I took apart the chair (this would have been easier if I had done it right when purchased it but it was an easy disassemble) and laid the “seat” piece on the wrong side of the fabric, then cut around leaving a LARGE excess. I took my staple gun and stapled down all the raw edges to the  bottom of the chair, pulling it taught as I went. The corners I simply folded nice and tightly achieving clean lines as much as a could. I then made a slip cover for the back rest of the chair using the same method you would for chair cushions etc. I then slipped in over and hand stitched the opening closed. I reassembled the chair and TADDAH! No more ugly Ikea computer chair!

I am pretty excited about the fact that this cost all of zero dollars (thank you Joannes and Waverly) and just a yard and a half of fabric. I love projects like this because if I decide to change the decor of the room it is a quick and easy change as well. Plus it is sooooo much better then the big black monster it was before ha!



06.11.13{decor} Sprucing up the laundry room

For the first time ever I have a large laundry room. I was particularly excited to have a place to hang the pictures from THIS photoshoot. I also was excited to be able to have a place to dump all our dirty laundry and close the door and walk away… just walk away. Aside from hanging the pictures I have been trying to think of easy ways to make this space more inviting with out spending too much mola. I have loved the laundry rooms I have found on pintrest and decided I needed to just suck it up and get started so I actually want to spend time in this room. The first project I decided to tackle is an ironing board cover. I could not believe when I googled “ironing board cover” all the posts that popped up. Plenty of excellent tutorials so unless I do something wildly different you won’t see one here. What I didn’t get hung up on was fabric choice! Do I go bold because it is a little space and can handle it?


Do I stay classic so that if my taste changes I won’t have to redo this project in the future?

Do I give up ironing completely and we all walk around wrinkled? I am not going to lie that is somewhat tempting….


I thought this burlap one look super cool and I am a huge fan of anything burlap. But I can’t imagine actually ironing on it.


I want the room to be fresh and clean… um, like laundry ha! Have any of you made a ironing board cover and loved the print you chose? Should I take the dive and go bold?



04.29.13Be A Deer

Making a Papier-mâché Deer Head on