Ireland Bound


We are off to enjoy a family members wedding in Ireland for the next week! I hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving filled with family, friends and good food. The blogs will be rather silent the next week but if you want to keep up to date on all the craziness going on in real […]



We are sharing our families visit to Stonehenge over on Wild Wandering today. Come see what was surprisingly the kids favorite part! Cheers! Kelly

{personal} Chantilly!

This last week Christopher had a Thursday off. It is always a little weird when you have a day in the middle of the week because you can’t really go too far and you sort of want to relax but who wants to waste a day off work?!? (Though Chris makes a pretty strong argument […]

{foreign Service} Wild Wandering


It has happened!!!! After all the work and patience our big project is finally finished! Wild Wandering is our families new blog! I am positively giddy to start posting today! PLEASE hop on over HERE to wildwandering.com to check it out and of course pretty please update your follower settings! I promise it is going […]

{Foreign Service} London Calling

Screen shot 2013-02-28 at 10.40.52 PM

Alright, so I have the pattern made (and graded for the first time EVER ekkk!) BUT Chris and I decided to take the kids to London for an extra long weekend. photo The second version of the dress I made just SCREAMS for a photo shoot in London so stayed tuned friends for the downloadable […]

{Foreign Service Friday} Double Stroller Drama


Just FYI: We currently have a City Select double stroller. It was a loooong process buying a new double stroller coming to Paris. First we were sold on the Phil n Ted but then we read the weight restrictions and well, we have chunky kids. I toyed with the Bugaboo donkey since it is the […]

{Foreign Service Friday} The Hobbit at a French Mansion

At each embassy there is a “team” (at least in Paris there are three, Timor only one) of people who’s jobs are making sure moral is high at the embassy. They do this through wonderful activities in the host countries, holiday party planning and other wonderful social gatherings. The team here at Paris with the […]

Foreign Service Friday: Oh The Places You Will Go


Woo hoo! We are on a roll! What do they say about habits? You need to do something ten times to make it one? Okay then, eight weeks to go ha! Originally I was going to post on the hardships of moving and never actually having your “own” home. But, since I am having kind […]