How are you the only one?!

KC Law Grad

I love change. I know that there are many people who love to have consistency in their life. Eat the same food they are accustom to, work at the same secure job, live in the same city, and vacation to the same place that your family has been enjoying for years. Not me.   I need […]

{personal} Chantilly!

This last week Christopher had a Thursday off. It is always a little weird when you have a day in the middle of the week because you can’t really go too far and you sort of want to relax but who wants to waste a day off work?!? (Though Chris makes a pretty strong argument […]

(Personal} Visiting Venice

Chris and I took a trip down to Venice Italy a few weekends ago. Luckily, while extremely beautiful, Venice itself is not a huge place and we easily covered it in this time and even made a quick trip to Verona! http://www.wildwandering.com/2013/08/19/visiting-venice/

{personal} Monets Garden

This summer has been wild so far for us. I hope you have been following all the fun on instagram (@wildwanderings), where all the gaps in posting are filled in and there are always a few fun pictures of Paris popping up. Along with the several quick trips we are making this summer I wanted […]