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05.06.14Project Sewn: Iconic Leading Ladies Jo From Funny Face


I am so excited to share my first look from this season’s Project Sewn!  If you love it and could click on over to Project Sewn HERE and vote for my look I would be ever so grateful! The prompt was leading ladies you can read more about why I picked Jo from Funny Face over on Project Sewn.


Here I wanted to share all the fun pictures we took. You are only allowed three on PS and heaven knows there is no way I am only taking three pictures ha!


I have been wanting to try the Caroline dress by Welcome to the Mouse House forever. It looked like exactly what I wanted in a LBD, fitted, flared and with lots of sleeve options. I didn’t make a muslin first like it suggests and I REALLY should have. I just sort of guestimated on my size and ended up making a really ill fitting bodice. When I went back and actually DID a muslin one and measured myself better etc. it fit like a glove! Lesson learned, don’t skip steps ha!


I used a cotton satin that I adore. It is light with out being see through and just heavy enough to drape beautifully. I have a really short torso so I do not look very good in higher waist dresses so I dropped the waist a good three inches. I wanted lots of swing to the skirt so I created a circle skirt pattern for myself and it ended up lining up perfectly with the bodice. Don’t you LOVE when things actually work out? 2014-05-04_0002 The trench is made from beige gaberdine and is actually not lined. I wanted a lighter trench that I could wear from Spring to summer. I did want it to have some interest though so I used the black piping along most of the edges. I was thinking about making a more professional looking belt ie. with a buckle but this was right at the end and I just really wanted to see the finished product ha!


The pants are made from a polyester/spandex crazy stretchy comfy material. But boy is it hot! I was going more for a “jeggings look” since Audrey’s pants were simple and sleek in the movie. I decided not to add pockets to avoid bulk. They are so so comfy but I can’t tell you how many times a day I go to stick something in my pocket only to find no pocket ha!

2014-05-06_0005 2014-05-06_0006 2014-05-06_0007  We had a really small window of time to do the pictures for this look since we were in between big trips and LOTS of visitors so I knew I would have Chloe with me and in all likelihood she would want to be in the pictures, so I whipped her up this little collard black dress from the scraps from my dress and little white cotton. We were stopped by I don’t know how many lovely French people telling me how cute she was. Apparently SHE looks way more legit then me ha!

2014-05-06_0003 2014-05-06_0004

These week was so fun but also A LOT of work. I was absolutely determined to only make things that I will wear repeatedly though this time around. I feel like way way way to often I am contributing or competing and I make things that I know will be received well but I also have no intention of ever wearing again. No more folks! All of these looks will be things I LOVE and want to wear over and over. If you have a moment and can hop over to Project Sewn and see the other looks and vote I would be so grateful! The ladies have done such a fabulous job! Click HERE to make the jump. Thank you so much!




02.14.14Happy Valentines Day!

I hope you are having a lovely Valentines where ever in the world you happen to be! Chloe and I had a fun lunch downtown with Chris followed by a treat from Lauduree. That about does it for our valentine celebrations ha! We will do a few little things tonight but with the craziness that happens here in Paris on Valentines we are going to be hanging out in our warm, dry house :) I was thinking about the few red items I have sewn over the years and thought I would do a round up for Valentines! I do so love red!



5726370868_48b9749b5b_z 2014-02-05_0010

Hope you have a fabulous Valentines! Lots of love from my bandits here in Paris!