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07.18.14Sizzling with the Shwins

Oh my goodness you guys! Today’s Paris inspired outfit is so ridiculously cute!! Shauna of Shwin and Shwin is kind enough to share with us today! Shwin Designs is the super adorable and right on trend pattern shop owned by these talented sisters. I have lost count of how many of their patterns I have sewn over the years and I ALWAYS love the results! Hop over HERE if you are looking for a fun weekend project  (my personal fav is the maggie mae tunic here). You have GOT to hop over HERE to see more of their absolutely darling Paris inspired outfit, but here is a tiny sneak peak:

Ekkkkk! Right? I mean oh my goodness, the shirt! The Shorts! The SHOES!!! I am dying. I told you it was fabulous! Thank you so much ladies for participating in the series!!



07.11.14A Giveaway with Freshly PIcked

I am beyond excited about today’s giveaway! Freshly Picked Moccasins sent Evie these adorable Rose Gold mocs to try bashing about Paris in. I thought they picked the perfect color for Paris and knew we had to head to our favorite carousel for a La Vie En Rose themed photo shoot.


I have to be honest I was skeptical as to how well the mocs would hold up walking all over Paris, on the metro and being dragged through gravel at Tuilleries but I was very pleasantly surprised at how well they have held up!



The tops still look pristine even after loads of wears while the bottoms show a slight outline of the bottom of her foot which I actually think is pretty cute ha!


Of course Evie adores them and has dubbed them her “comfy shoes”.



Chloe was pretty  jealous and would sneak into the closet and get them out and wear them around when Evie was at school.


^^^^Note Chloe’s sobbing face strategically hidden behind the giant cotton candy^^^



Which brings me to one of the things I love most about them, even Chloe who is two can get them on in seconds. Maybe it is just me. Maybe it is because I cannot stand my head being used to help them balance every time one of my cuties puts on their shoes, but all of them being able to put their shoes on independently is kind of a mini miracle. And with how durable they are they will absolutely be handed down to Chloe.


If you have had your eye on some Freshly PIcked‘s today you could win a pair! Freshly Picked is giving away a pair of your choosing to one SINML reader. ANY PAIR YOU WANT! How awesome is that?!?! The giveaway opens today and ends the 17th and is open to US residents only. All you need to do is like FP HERE and SINML HERE, or if you already “like” us on FB follow FP on instagram HERE and SINML HERE. Then go over to Freshly Picked HERE pick your pairs of mocs and leave a comment telling me if you went the FB route or the IG route, then tell me which pair you would pick and where your cutie would wear them. For example I am coveting the Platinum Mocs for Chloe

And those just scream out for a photo shoot at Versailles to me! Especially if she brings as much attitude to the shoot as Evie did ha! 2014-07-01_0010

Thank you Freshly Picked for Evie’s fav pair of shoes and for being so generous! Best of luck!



07.01.14In The Summer When It Sizzles

Our time in Paris is coming to a close. Our departure date was moved WAY up due to a very unfortunate event that happened earlier this week. Many of you have also commented asking about the absence of Wild Wandering. For the time being we have made our personal blog private until we decide how to move forward. Thanks for all your support in that area! To help alleviate the stress of moving and trying to keep the blog semi active during this HUGE transition, I called upon some of the super talented ladies in this lovely sewing world and asked if they would create something inspired by Paris in the summer, when it is sizzling.

psris2 The line up is filled with girls I am so inspired by and absolutely love!

Delia Creates

No Big Dill

Welcome to the Mouse House

Adventures In Dress Making

Simple Simon and Co.

Lexi Made

Schwin & Schwin

The Sewing Rabbit

Aesthetic Nest 

& of course yours truly!

I am so excited for all the Parisian inspired goodness! Now if it would just start sizzling here!




05.27.14Project Sewn Finale: Personal Style

It’s the FINAL round of Project Sewn!!! Ahhhhh! If you can please hop HERE to vote! Merci!

Sorry I have such a pouty puss in all these pictures. I swear I smile a lot I think the stress was getting to me ha!

I still cannot believe it is the finale of Project Sewn and I made it! Whaaaaaa? I was more nervous for this “topic” then any other. Not because it was the finale (though that should have made me nervous by itself) but more because I have the hardest time defining my own signature style.


It is funny because if something is shown to me I can say “yes that is totally my style” or ” No way I would never wear that” but when I have to sit down and create something on my own that defines me I almost get sick over it.


I originally had my mind set on making a lace overlay dress. I have been wanting to make one forever just to have to wear for spring and there is a lovely mint lace at Marche. But when I went to find an underlay (is that a word?) I couldn’t find any solid color that would work.


It sort of felt like a relief though because I felt like I have done the muted overlay thing to death and now I was going to have to think out of the box. When I saw the polka dot silk (made into a gorgeous dress on a mannequin in the store) I knew I had to use it. I have never sewn with a stiff silk before and was pretty apprehensive. I was silly to worry though it sewed up just fine.


When I found THIS burda pattern for the top with the oversized bow everything seemed to snow ball and I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Luckily they had plenty of the gaberdine and I thought the bright red would be the perfect punch. I decided to use my own skirt pattern, the Taking Notes pattern  (HERE) but this time instead of just gathering the waistline, I first made large box pleats and then gathered. I also made the waist half the width and straight across instead of curved like in the pattern. I felt like this gave it more structure.


The coat. Oh this coat. I fell in love with the asymmetrical buttons in THIS coat. It took me SIX hours to print out, tape together, cut out the pattern pieces, cut out the fabric pieces, cut out the fusible interfacing and lining and prepare the pieces that were interfaced. SIX HOURS!! Just for prep work! Thats not even sewing!


I almost gave up and at one point almost started crying…. mainly because it was two am and I spilled my coke all over my sewing table but the two are linked ha! I kept plugging away because I knew in the end I would love it but ohhhhhh man was it a bear to sew. I also decided to cover each interior seam with this adorable striped bias tape I found at the same vintage shop I got my buttons at. It makes the inside of the coat look so nice but also meant once again all the seams would have to be topstitched on either side. EEKKKK!


I am glad I stuck with it though because I love how it turned out. It is ironic though that my two favorite things about it aren’t really seen. Those red lined pockets and the bias taped seams are just my favorite! I love little surprises in clothing.


In the end I feel like this outfit screams me. Classic to the core with a punch of color and a touch of mod. If you have a moment to VOTE and to check out Christie and Trines awesome outfits hop over HERE. I would super appreciate it!


^^^^ I am way more excited then this picture lets on ha!^^^^

I am so grateful for all the support that has been given during this competition. Both from you lovely wonderful readers AND my family and friends. Two of my best girlfriends sat next to my sewing room door one night and talked to me into the wee hours of the morning while I sewed even though they were on their big European vacations and had tons to see the next morning. Dasha and Elizabeth you girls are the best! A big thank you to my Hubby who has been (as always) endlessly patient with me during this process. From me tuning him out accidentally because I am trying to mentally wrap my head around a project to wading through laundry to find a clean shirt for work. Then being dragged to locations and a camera thrust in your hands. Your are amazing Chris and I am so grateful for you! Remember to hop over HERE to vote and thank you again!




05.09.14Second Round!

I just wanted to hop on and say thank you thank you thank you!!! To everyone who went over to Project Sewn and voted! I made it through to the next round whoot whoot! I am up to my eyeballs preparing for this next week but I wanted to jump and of course thank you but also answer some questions about the outfit, specifically the trench. Mine is a hack of THIS on Burda (ya for instant downloads!) I used beige waterproof gabardine. I didn’t take pictures (totally should have) but the seams are sealed with black sealing tape to complete the waterproof factor. I think if I make another I want to do this is a super neon pink or something fun just to have a pop of color.


Now for some funny stories about this coat. Firstly piping is near impossible to find here in Paris. Bias tape? Every where and in super fun colors and prints. Piping? Not so much. I had to go to six (SIX!) stores before I could find some. Then I bought WAYYYYY to much, you do NOT need ten meters to pipe this coat ha! After lots and lots of sewing and ironing I was working on the button holes. I did a particularly bad job of one and started unpicking it. I got impatient and thought I was to the point when I could rip the lining from the front…. it wasn’t that point. I heard the fabric rippppp and thought I was going to start sobbing. Luckily it was a panel so I could just replace it but when it is 1 in the morning emotions don’t let you think about that ha!


The pants are made from some funky polyester, spandex blend and while super comfy, attract lint etc. like crazy and show every single spill. I have a love hate relationship with them because they are super comfy and the black seems like it won’t ever fade, but they get so dirty by the end of the day. I did not use a pattern as they have no pockets (another thing I would probably change) and are so simple. I just used a pair of pants I had as a guide. They have a zipper enclosure. I hope this helps and that you have a fabulous weekend!!