02.10.15Jersey glam

 Jersey Glam Pattern found HERE


It has been over a month since out bundle sale and I have been going like a crazy person. I haven’t been able to grade up the Jersey Glam dress like I wanted so it is still only available from 2-10 (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read over the size guide before purchasing and cutting). I have had lots of inquiries as to when I was going to release it though so I thought I would just post what I have tested and polished and was included in the bundle now and when I can continue graded for more sizes. The pattern can be found HERE


Keep in mind my leggy niece is 5’9 and I added a bit of length just to make sure the dress hits just above the knee.



I had such a fantastic testers this time around and what is the best part? They continue to send me pictures as they make MORE dresses! You know its a good pattern when people are still making more versions of it! You can also read a review on the pattern from a non-tester HERE. Tasha sewed up this super cute version:


Here are some of my wonderful testers versions:

dress3_(2) dress5_(2) DSC_1055 DSCN4486

unnamed-1 unnamed-2

And some more detailed shots of my fav version I made:


2014-10-25_0069 2014-10-25_0063

 Happy sewing and thank you for supporting Sewing In No Mans Land!

02.08.15Sunday Sew: Eyes for Aztec


After a long break I am finally back at it with Sunday Sew. This week I whipped up four Tuileries Dress’s (Pattern available HERE) for four of my favorite girls! When I saw that woven fabric at Joann‘s I stopped dead in my tracks. I had about ten other projects that I should be working on but sometimes you just have to sew what you WANT to be sewing!


The original plan was for Evie’s bottom to match Lucy’s black version but I sewed up the box pleats on the wrong side and decided to be lazy and not unpick them and redo it. It’s funny I thought Evie would for sure want Chloe’s dress but when she saw Lila’s black on top she begged to have one like that instead. And who I am not to oblige?


The fabric is a thick gorgeous weave and will be pretty warm once paired with a cardi and some tights. But since is was 72 here most of the weekend we are just pretending it is spring and ignoring that fact that we are going to be in a drought this summer for sure because of it.





^^^She is nuts you guys, completely nuts! And man do we love her for it^^^

2015-02-08_0007 2015-02-08_0008

A word of advice, don’t bring out the treats for being good during pictures until you are alllll done doing pictures. Otherwise you get shots like above with mouths half full ha!




01.28.15New Years party and our bar cart

Hello! I hope you had an amazing holiday season! We have been off in Japan for the last little bit soaking up that amazing country and some time with Chris while he has a break from the Embassy in Afghanistan. But I felt like i had to hop on and share our pictures from New Years before it is no longer January because that would just be lame to post something THAT far out of the game right? (Yeah I totally have some tutorials from my time in Timor I haven’t gotten around to posting so honestly no stone throwing here). I have totally drunk the kool-aid as far as the mad-men mid-century mod trend goes. My kool-aid is not spiked though so when it came to the bar cart craze I felt left out. But then I thought about how a lot of us non-drinkers sure like our soda, especially when they are filled with flavored syrups and fruit wedges. So I got the bar cart I had been drooling over at Target and decided for New Years we would have a non alcoholic bar cart. Because lets be honest if I am going to make it to mid-night I am going to need some caffeine.


We had four different soda’s, three different syrups, and cut up some lime and lemons for the cart. In hind sight I probably should have bought the smaller syrups in more flavors but the store I went to had some really odd ones that would taste much better in hot chocolate and coffee then in soda (aka pumpkin spice, cinnamon, chocolate etc.) We stuck with Strawberry, Coconut and Vanilla. 


When I was a child I always wanted my own Martinelli’s, but my parents were good parents and didn’t let their daughter drink her weight in fizzy apple juice. But I thought these mini ones would be perfect for the kids so they felt like they had their very own but wouldn’t end up vomiting an hour later.


We were pretty laid back on the decoration’s. The banner is from Anthropologie and I am embarrassed to say is hanging right behind me STILL. Ummmm valentines can wait right?

2015-01-28_0008 I bought WAYYYY to many sparklers but in the end it was kind of fun to keep handing them to the kids until they were too cold to stand on the front porch anymore.


We got the over sized glitter for throwing at midnight from Paper Source and I am still finding it all over the house. Which I am actually okay with because it looks pretty cute.



My little sister and her hubby Paul were in town and were nice enough to come over to the party early so I could get a few pictures with actual good light. They are so much fun and my kids adore them.

Afte we filled up on doughnuts, Ruby’s cookies and soda we played a bunch of minute to win it games which were a HUGE HUGE hit! The kids especially loved trying to dance the ping pong ball out of the kleenex box we taped around their waist’s (Video on instagram if you want to see it). We told the kiddos at 11pm it was midnight and i am sure we confused our neighbors when they were out banging pots and pans an hour early but they were all dragging and wanted so bad to bang in the new year. Our home has an amazing view of the entire valley so after they were in bed I went up and watched about ten fireworks shows right from our master bedroom. I cannot wait for 4th of July!! As far as goals go I discussed it a little on IG that this year my goal is to FOCUS. Focus on family, faith, our health and fun. It has been almost a month and I have felt a great difference in myself and the kids since I have worked on this goal. Here is hoping I can keep it up the whole year!



12.21.14Sunday Sew: A Christmas Dress

Each Sunday I am taking turns sewing up something for one of us Crawford girls to wear to church. If you or your company have a pattern you would like us to try out please email us at sewingingnomansland {at} gmail {dot} com


Today I am sharing Evie’s Christmas dress. Usually I pair or triple the pictures up together so as not to bombard you but to bad, I loved all of them so they ALLLLL get their own spot ha!


To make her dress I again used the Franklin Pattern by Brooklyn Pattern Company. Just FYI I do not get anything kicked back aside from kind words from the lovely owner for sewing up this pattern so many times. I just love altering it and playing around with different versions.


This time I again removed the button placket in the front and used the front facing pattern piece for both the main and the lining, cutting it on the fold. I then cut three layers of tulle lengthening out the center length SIGNIFICANTLY so I could gather it all back up to the original size.


I also added hand made gold piping around the neck and waist lines.



Used the same short sleeve as I did on the previous dresses but this time added two layers of tulle. I also finished the arm holes with double fold gold bias tape.


I decided to put the zipper in the back because of the tulle layers though if I could do it over again I would just reverse the dress and have the button placket in the back.


The tulle I used had gold glitter in it but it wasn’t attached very well and it looked like I had taken a bath in it by the time I was done ha! I had to warn people at church before she would climb up onto their lap that they were about to be glitter bombed.

2014-12-21_0002 OKay so I have to say something about her crazy hair (which I love). We went to go see my very talented niece Ally’s cheer performance and they all had these AWESOME faux hawks. I loved how messy and rocker they were with an elegant twist.


I figured since the rest of her dress was over the top glamour she could rock a punk hair do. I had her sleep in curlers so that the pieces that stuck out would be softer and more feminine. Pretty sure I am going to make her do this once a week now ha!
2014-12-21_0010 Chloe totally got the shaft this year in the Christmas dress dept. I just couldn’t find the time. BUT I pulled the Marakech dress out and had her wear it and not only did she love it but the coloring was stunning on her. So in the end it all worked out. I still have everything to make her the same dress in a dusty pink so it will happen eventually… maybe after the new year ha! It’s my turn for a dress!



12.16.14Sunday Sew: The Franklin Dress


This weeks Sunday sew is a few days late (obviously ha!) This weekend was a doozy for me Sunday in particular. Nothing bad just busy busy busy. I know that is how most people are right now. Man the holidays are nuts! Wonderful, but crazy! The lateness should in no way reflect my excitement about what I got to sew up this week. Erin from Brooklyn Pattern company emailed me asking if I wanted to give her Franklin Dress a try! I am always up for a new pattern!


The first time I sewed it up it was with very different fabric (I will eventually get pictures and post this). I did a poor job cutting the pattern and didn’t measure Evie first.


It ended up being way too big and resembled more a nightgown (which this would be SUCH a cute pattern to use for that as well in a soft flannel! Ding! Idea!). This trial run though ended up being the perfect inspiration though for what I REALLY wanted to make.


I have been gaga over THIS shop on etsy for a while and decided to see if I could use the Franklin Dress to Mimic my favorite little top of theirs.


The Black strip and solid cotton are all from Hobby Lobby. The triangle print is from Spoonflower and I kid you not I had only little scraps that I had saved and saved. I just need to break down and order some more ha!


Chloe’s dress is the exact Franklin pattern only I shortened it a good chunk and I downsized her to a size two, and I made a flutter sleeve instead of the 3/4 length it comes with.


I only did two buttons instead of three because they are GINORMOUS. I also removed the pleats and black double fold bias tape to finish the neckline and underarms.


On Evie’s I also removed the pleats because I didn’t want the triangle pattern to get lost in the pleating (otherwise I think the pleating looks gorgeous and I did it in the first dress I made). I used the front yolk facing on the outside as well (so I cut four pieces of it instead of two and none of the front yolk).


I also did the same flutter sleeves as on Chloe’s and again down sized her from a size five to a size three in some areas and four in length. I think I am going to go back and put a little elastic in the outside edge of those sleeves so they don’t look so pokey outy.



You guys I am just soooooo in love with how it turned out! I kept telling the girls how cute they looked until Evie finally said: “Mom we know they are your favorites its okay” ha!


The patterns instructions were very clear and it was easy to sew. I love all the details. I would be sure to measure your cutie before sewing and think about the ultimate look you are going for. The other dress I made is much flowier and roomier.


I wanted a more tailored look with this particular fabric hence the downsizing. But this wouldn’t always be the case.


Also make sure you are in the correct viewing mode when you print out the pattern. The first two times I printed it out it did not print the squares and letters/numbers to line everything up. I finally figured out I was in the wrong viewing mode.


The girls were super good while taking pictures for me and their requested reward was to eat all the mini marshmallows out of a jar of hot chocolate mix a neighbor had brought by.

I happily obliged. Easiest reward ever! And no, none of the chocolate powder ended up on my rug! It was a christmas miracle ha!

Thank you so much Erin for sending along your gorgeous pattern! Hopefully ya’ll don’t mind me showing off the other versions I made because I have several in mind ha!