12.01.14Cyber Monday $1 Patterns

With all the moving in the last 6 months, having a house built and getting ready for Chris to go to a war zone, I have not done much with my patterns. That will change soon. I have only been posting one project a week because I have been working feverishly behind the scenes. I have a few patterns that will be coming soon; some new, and some updated and improved favorites. Until those are ready to be released I thought I would put all of my patterns on sale for cyber Monday for only $1. Many of my patterns are already $1 but some, like the Tuileries Dress (normally $8), Half Moon Bay Dress and Romper (normally $6) and Mini Mod Dress (Normally $5), will be brought down to $1 for the next few days only.

Click HERE for patterns


Several of my other patterns that will be improved upon will have a significant price increase when they are available in the new size ranges. So if you have been thinking about getting one now is the time! I am SURE Craftsy is also having some fantastic sales on classes. So if you wanted to become a master of zippers or a better, faster sewer, be sure to check out there classes while over there! Happy Cyber Monday!


Click HERE for patterns



11.24.14Sunday Morning Sew: C’est Dimanche Glitter Dress

 Each Sunday I am taking turns sewing up something for one of us Crawford girls to wear to church. If you have a pattern you would like us to try out please email us at sewingingnomansland {at} gmail {dot} com


It was Chloe’s turn this week for a new dress and she was sooooo excited.


I redecorated, or more of decorated because it was just a pit of despair before, my sewing room and while I had all my fabrics out I gave her a bunch of choices.


She chose a soft pink and this awesome armor looking material. Both of which I bought at Marche Saint Pierre in the fabric district in France. I thought I would be so happy to have the ease and accessibility of Joann’s and Hobby Lobby. No more 45 min metro ride and horrifically expensive fabric, but I of course was wrong. I miss it terribly. All the funky costume shops and coupon (small remnants of fabric) shops that had great finds and prices if you just had the time to dig. The MASSIVE selection of organic cotton. The odd little men who walk around with their sticks to cut your fabric. The security guard who always intimidated me and made me feel like I was steeling even though I of course never did. Ahhhh the fabric district, you are missed sorely.


Anyways, I had intended to make myself a skirt out of the sparkly material but thought it was high time it actually get used.


This girl! It is a little embarrassing how much she rules our family. She says (more like shrieks) jump and boy do we jump. 


^^^^^ The face that says “I will probably be sent to boarding school when I am 13″ ^^^^


As if we could ever live without her!

2014-11-23_0007 The pattern is one of my favorites from C’est Dimanche.


It is completely in French but I did a step by step HERE so that if you decide to purchase the pattern you can just cut out all your pieces and then follow the steps, hopefully easily, in english.
2014-11-23_0010 ^^^^ Sneaky sneak!^^^


Photo shoots take a lot out of us! Just FYI Chloe’s shoes are from H&M and oh my gosh I am in love with those sparkly little Mary Janes. I had actually saved my euros to buy Evie the sparkly Start Rite Mary Janes made for Bonton but in the end I just couldn’t do it. 
While the glitter isn’t nearly as chunky the ones from H&M are still pretty cute and at 1/8th the cost I just couldn’t say no!
I am hoping to hop on again with a post about the dinning room table I built for Thanksgiving but just in case I don’t get to it until AFTER Thanksgiving I hope you and your family have an absolutely lovely one filled with food family and fun!

11.16.14Sunday Morning Sew: Deer and Doe Skirt

Each Sunday I am taking turns sewing up something for one of us Crawford girls to wear to church. If you have a pattern you think I would like us to include in this please email us at sewingingnomansland {at} gmail {dot} com

When I decided to sew for myself this week I didn’t take into account that I would have undergone surgery on my face and would have 47 stitches and a HUGE bandage on the side of my temple (I had to have MOHS surgery to remove some skin cancer) but I had already made the skirt and knew the combined powers of Nichole Van and a cute hat would make it all okay!


This week I sewed up the Chardon Skirt by the French pattern companyDeer & Doe. I received a gift certificate to their shop when I won Project Sewn. Their patterns are offered in both French and English. I challenged myself to only read the French instructions though in an effort to keep up my French.


Before I talk about the pattern and my fabric choice can I just apologize for my horrendously pale legs ha! I brought two pairs of boots and these cute heels I swiped from my sisters closet. I only brought boot socks though no tights. BIG mistake. The boots I had (Hunters and Minnetonkas) did not look good with the silhouette of the skirt. It need a nice sleek pair of riding boots.


I had a lovely pair of Frye riding boots but they were HASHED from Paris and I threw them away in an effort to FORCE myself to buy a new pair. Have you ever done that? Did it EVER work out for you? ‘Cause it has NEVER panned out well for me. I just sorely regret it and end up taking pictures in the snow freezing my nakey legs off.



Okay so now for the pattern. The skirt is fairly simple as long as you know how to create inverted pleats. And even if you are a newbie to those they have pretty good instructions. I chose a size eight and it was too big but that is my own fault (self esteem issues and all ha!)


The main problem I had was with my dumb fabric choice. I loved the color of this bottom weight fabric but it was FAR to stiff for it to look as good as it could have.


I love the pockets and the high waist. I like the bias taped hem and for once in my life the zipper lays perfectly. But honestly I don’t know how much I will wear it because of the dumb fabric. Grrrrrr. I guess I will just have to make it again with proper cotton. At least you know how it is with a second sewing, it always goes wayyyy faster.

2014-11-15_0005 “Hmmmm a soft chambray I think”
Just for FYI:
Hat and mittens: H&M, Pinstripped blouse and blazer: JCrew, Scarf: Monoprix (France)

Pattern: Deer & Doe  Fabric: Joann Fabric

All photos by the amazing Nichole Van



11.10.14Sunday Morning SEW

With everything I have on my plate right now it has been hard to find time to sew. It drives me crazy walking past my sewing room and seeing half finished projects all over it. Then last week we received news that we would not be going to church until 1pm. I was horrified. Even more so when I found out we would be having our sacrament meeting (where the entire congregation meets together) last, at 2:50pm. I seriously didn’t know what I was going to do. Three hours of church with four little kids on your own is hard enough without it being SMACK dab in the middle of Chloe’s nap time. I was dwelling on all the negatives and I hate thinking like that. I decided instead to try to make it positive that we have so much great down time on Sunday mornings. I have also been wanting to beef up the girls and my Sunday wardrobe. I decided that I would try to sew one of us a dress for Sunday every week!


I am always excited to go to church if one of us is wearing something especially cute! Now we will get to take turns being that person!


The rest of us will probably look like we were pulled through a bush backwards but hey, you can’t have it all right?


Evie is in dire need of some new clothes since she is growing like a weed, so she got the first one! I whipped her up a simple dress using my Tuileries Pattern our of some gorgeously soft cotton fabric I bought randomly at hobby lobby a few weeks ago.


The only zipper I had on hand was a grey one and it was shorter then I needed to be so I scooched it down a bit and added a button closure at the top using a ginormous gold button.



When I first showed it to her she started crying. Like wailing, sobbing crying. When I finally got her to calm down and talk to me she said she was going to be freezing cold. Valid concern. I reminded her that we don’t usually go out with bare shoulders anyway and ran and fetched her sweater.

2014-11-09_0002There. Much happier. She was especially happy that she didn’t have to go anywhere but our living room for pictures AND that she got to hold her current favorite book “I Want My Hat Back”.


Seriously, if you haven’t read John Klassen’s hat books you need to, like NOW. I love reading them.

Evie’s knee highs are from GAP and she somehow lost ONE of them at church that afternoon. How in the world do you lose one sock? I was super irked but then realized I was getting mad about a sock and chilled out and just let her teachers know to be on the look out for a solitary sock. Her shoes are from Zara. Of course someone else wanted in on the photo shoot but was feeling SUPER silly.


Don’t worry she too got a sweater before heading out into what was actually an INCREDIBLY gorgeous day ha! Next week it is my turn and I am planning on sewing up THIS French pattern from Deer & Doe patterns. Now to find some amazing fabric! 

11.06.14Pattern Tester

Back again whoot whoot! I have been working on a new pattern I am super excited about. It is a jersey knit dress and is soooo comfy, easy to sew up and can look super glam if you accessorize it correctly. So far I have sewn up four for myself and am now crazed when it comes to finding cute jersey fabric. I am looking for testers I can send the pattern to this Friday and they could have it back to my by next Wednesday. I know that is somewhat of a fast turn around but this is EASY sewing.  I do not need pictures of the finished product by next Wednesday just your input on any sizing issues etc. I would however eventually like if some pictures could be taken so keep that in the back of your mind. I am going to try and get all of the versions I have created photographed but for now I have done the following two:

2014-10-25_0068 2014-10-26_0001

I will talk more about the dresses (ie. where I purchased fabric etc) when the pattern is released. I just wanted to give you an idea of what you would be sewing. Also that is my niece in the first picture who towers over me at 5’9 so if you are one of those gorgeous tall girls know this dress will run a little short. But more on that later.


If you would be interested in testing the pattern please EMAIL ME at sewinginnomansland (at) gmail.com Do NOT comment here if you want to be a tester. I mean please feel free to comment about the dress but if you want to test you HAVE to send me an email. It is the only way I can keep things organized. I repeat DO NOT put in the comments you want to test.  I am looking for sizes 2,4,6,8 and ten. Please know that as much as I would LOVE to I can seriously only handle ten testers max (2 for each size) It just gets too crazy logistically otherwise. If you do not hear back from me I unfortunately already have two people in your size. Thank you so so much for your help!