We have taken down our patterns while we are improving them.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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57 thoughts on “Patterns

  1. Michelle

    I don’t know how to sew but you have completely inspired me to learn!!! Thank you so much for posting such beautiful patterns.

  2. Kate C

    I LOVE the outfits you create. I would LOVE to make the Taking Notes Mini skirt for my daughter for her aunt’s wedding this December, but after searching high and low (your entire archive), I cannot find the instructions! I’ve saved the pdf just fine, but I don’t know how much fabric to buy or how to sew it together. Help!

  3. Crystal Sargent

    Hey Kel, I’m making some skirts and I can’t seem to get the pdf’s to load. I thought about making the bali tunic longer for a baby dress or the yellow skirt note taking. Should I be signing up for the mediafire before I can see the files? Thanks!

  4. Carolyn


    I love your website, there are so many wonderful ideas, I check it every couple of days. I was wondering if you had the instructions for the taking note skirt, I just think it is the cutest thing ever.

    Oh I love all your aprons.

  5. ia

    I am trying to make a cover rather crochet a bible cover however my bible has a zipper in it how do I crochet one with a zipp already in it? Thanks ia

  6. Janene

    Hey, I’m wanting to make the note taking skirt, it’s adorable. I’ve noticed in people’s comments that others have asked about it as well. The pdfs I opened only have what looks like the top of the skirt. Could I get a pattern for the rest of it? Thanks, your dresses and skirts look great!

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  8. Lisa

    I have skimmed over SO many of your patters when I’m on a 1 am Google hunt for something cool to make. I had no idea ONE WOMAN could have so many beautiful creations AND pictures to follow along with. THANK YOU for sharing your amazing creativity. Now…I must go make an apron. :)

  9. Deonn@Quiltscapes

    Oh, my goodness, what a wonderful collection of tutorials and patterns! Your designs and photography of them is amazing – you are very talented (and the subjects are beautiful)! Congratulations on balancing motherhood with your creativity! I too had four little ones (my son was 2 when the triplets came along) and sewed not only for the budget, but for sanity’s sake… Now they are all grown, but some of our best times together were in the sewing room, and they are all confident stitchers themselves. Love it!

  10. Lori Redman

    You are definately blessed with creativity. Thanks for sharing your tutorials! I will definately be trying to make some:)
    Again, Thanks!

  11. Trudi Roberts

    I have just found your site……WOW…..will be checking back in regularly…..all the way from Arnhem Land NT Australia :)

  12. Teresa

    I´ve accidentally found your website,… amazing!… the patterns and the tutorials are fantastic and your photography is so tastful. Thank you for sharing your ideas with the rest of the world, I´ll take a look now and again and surely vaunt some of your ideas here in Spain….. THANK YOU……

  13. ashley

    I am in the process of making the bottom mellow yellow dress and the tutorial is off the site. is there anyway that you can email it to me?

    You have the cutest patterns!

    Thank you :)

  14. Joy

    Love your blog! I got really excited to see some of these patterns however when I clicked on the link (for example, the bottom mellow dress) to the tutorials it would just send me to your latest blog entry. It may just be me, but I don’t think so because most of your other links do work. I even saw some pins on Pinterest for this and it did the same thing when I clicked on their links. Please let me know if this gets fixed!

    1. Muslimin

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  15. Kristen

    Your patterns are so beautiful. I can’t wait to make a few things for my daughter. Thank you so much for sharing!

  16. Anneliese

    I have just found your site. Thank you for sharing your patterns. I can not wait to make everything for my daughter. I’m so excited I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight.

  17. Jamie

    These are incredible! I just want to make them all! Did I somehow overlook the tutorial for the ruffled top in the banner picture? It’s adorable!

  18. Kelly


    I was just trying to open the ‘Bottom Mellow Dress’ tutorial but it just takes me back to your homepage. I have got the pattern pieces, is there just a problem with the tutorial link?

  19. Monique

    So I was able to scour the internet and find the tutorial for the Bottom Mellow Dress; however, I am confused by the directions!! I haven’t been able to get past the first step! I was wondering if there were any updates to this tutorial? Or perhaps you would be willing to repost the tutorial?! :) I appreciate any feedback! LOVE this dress, can’t wait to get started on it!! :)

  20. Monique

    Just wanted to give you an update… I figured out the pattern and finished the dress! It is absolutely adorable. Thank you, Kelly!! You are so amazingly talented and I appreciate learning from you! Keep the tutorials coming! :)

  21. Eos

    Your creations are really beautiful!
    Love your photos, the colors you choose and all the information you share!
    Found you today while searching for a teepee!
    Wish you a wonderfull day

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  23. nicole

    In your banner with the changing photographs, there is a picture of three girls holding hands and wearing the cutest skirts. It looks like a ruffled skirt with an overskirt. Is there a pdf file for that pattern? I saw a picture of it on Pinterest. Thanks.

  24. Twinkle

    Hi I just found you through Pinterest! Love the Halloween tale. We’re in NYC too. Just wanted to check in to make sure your family is safe after Hurricane Sandy and the Nor’Easter. Thanks for these incredible patterns and tutorials!

  25. Ruth

    Just found your site and i’m so glad i did! you make the most beautiful things cant wait to try the Retro Rainbow Romper for my little girl, i think she would just love that!! thanks for sharing! Happy Sewing!!

  26. Ruth

    just found youre site and i’m glad i did you make the most beautiful things!! i cann’wait to try the Retro Rainbow Romper for my little girl, she will just love it!! thanks for sharing!! Happy Sewing

  27. Sabra

    I saw a pants tutorial on Pinterest last night that had a picture of a little girl wearing a white shirt with birds holding a red ornament and wearing green pants. I have been looking for over an hour for this tutorial. If it helps, here is the web address:

    I would love to see how you made this as I make clothes for my children. These are really cute to me!!

    Sabra Daley

  28. Jamie G

    I made my way here from Pinterest and just wanted to tell you that your work is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your patterns!

  29. ljone

    the white dress is so beautiful,my niece is having her daughter first birthday party ,In August and this dress would be perfect outfit for her daughter.

    Thank you Ljones

  30. Melissa

    I can note access the pattern pieces for the Taking Notes skirt for children. ;( I have been trying for over a week now. The link takes me to media fire. I logged in but I don’t have access to the files and I have requested them a few times. Please help! lol


  31. marietjie

    I purchased the button up bloomers but cannot find mention of the elastic length. Can you please advise. regards


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